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I was lucky enough to be born to a family that owned an oil trading company, I remember visiting my Dad in his office and just being mesmerized by all the traders running around frantically closing deals from all corners of the world. Back then you had to have an office in every corner of the world in order to get the most attractive prices for the purchase and sale of commodities. Trading is in my blood. That is why I love binary options and what it offers. I can sit by my Mac, watch the financial news in the background, analyze my graphs and make trades in real time. I love knowledge and binary options are a perfect tool for that. I know what the price is coming in to a trade, I know exactly how much I stand to gain, and I know exactly what the risk is.

Risk is a large part of trading and binary options give me that security in knowing that I can not lose more than I am willing to on any trade. The abundance of assets offers no dull trading days, and plenty of opportunities to make an average day into an exceptional one. Trading Gold and Oil, then spicing things up with a few currency pairs is the perfect way for me to start out the trading day. Later on  I look at the major indices and try to cover my butt with more commodities for end of day trades. As a VIP account client I receive pro coaching several times a week for about 15 minutes at a time, I feel that knowing that my broker is supporting me and offering winning advice is vital to my success.

Currently I am making about $400 – $600 a day trading, about a 5% daily gain on my initial deposit, though I still sometimes have off days or even off weeks and need to refund my account from time to time. Still I am making a handsome additional revenue for myself and get to take advantage of my brokers “Same Day Withdrawal” policy whenever I need some extra cash in my pocket.

After visiting many forums and trader websites, as you might expect I meet with and speak with many traders all from different parts of the world. The key connection between us all is the hunger to make larger and more consistent profits. Fact is, once you decide how much you are happy to risk, and you have an account with live funds, that can be used to trade, from there all you need is an opinion and “balls” to back it up and send the trade.

Moving forwards I plan to write more on my experiences trading and using various binary brokers. For right now GOptions is making me a happy and somewhat wealthier man.