Austin & Wyatt Office in Castle Lane Provides an Inroad to this Rural and High Demand Escape

Few towns are as small and whimsical as Castle Lane. In the Hampshire region of England comes this rather small but offbeat town of conservative town life, historical richness, and approachable home values. It is a major part of Castle Lane’s charm, and something that will gather a higher property value now- as well as in the future.

Castle lane may easily go overlooked on a map. With a population well under 5,000, the small town has a lot to offer a few select lucky people that can are its competition for properties- and it is a high demand area. Frankly, Austin & Wyatt only has 26 properties available for viewing and buying. This is far below the average range, which is generally in the 60 to 80 for many particular suburban district. But castle lane is hardly a suburban region at all. Its small populous and relative obscurity makes it a prime location for rural living. One of the most impressive homes in the town is a beautifully textured and architecturally pleasing home worth 445,000 euros. This impressive four bedroom home has just been recently revamped, making it quite possibly the perfect embodiment of contemporary freshness and historical richness. For people in love with Castle Lane, this is the home that will maker them eternally happy.

Other homes are present just below this peak price range. A home for 375,000 euros may only have three bedrooms, but it is located right next to the exquisite River Stour and showcases a view of the area’s most revered and idolized nature reserve. It is off the beaten path in a town that is already well off the beaten path. If this sounds appealing, this property may be the grand winner.

Castle Lane is not trying to impress with its immediate vicinity toLondon, its grand multi-million euro mansions, and its tightly knit marketplace. Castle Lane is the perfect encapsulation of rural European living. It manages to offer something few towns in the world can truly offer anymore. Austin & Wyatt office in Castle Lane is the leading office in the town, and an outlet fior being connected with one of Europe’s last remaining untouched vistas.

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