Modernizing the Warehouses for Efficiency

We are going to start this project in the hopes that we shall be able to avoid having to buy another warehouse, as that would be expensive. Our business has expanded by a fair amount and we are not really able to deal with the volume right now. So I have been asked to make a plan for modernizing the warehouses to increase efficiency. I have been looking at some designs for Singapore mezzanine flooring and considering what the benefits would be if we added that to the existing plans. I was thinking that we could probably use a new level to house some of the things we already have, then convert the space you gained to warehouse space. Continue reading

Just Got a Job Near Disney World

I have to figure out where I am going to live, because this job is about an hour and ten minutes from where I am currently located. It is a big step up into an organization with room for me to grow, so I am not going to turn it down, but for right now I am commuting a very long way. I will have to find a new place to live really soon, but obviously I will wait out my lease which only has a few weeks left. I need to see if Florida fiber optic internet is available some place in that area. I have that now and it is pretty awesome to tell you the truth. In fact I can use it and basically live without paying for a TV service. Continue reading