Modernizing the Warehouses for Efficiency

We are going to start this project in the hopes that we shall be able to avoid having to buy another warehouse, as that would be expensive. Our business has expanded by a fair amount and we are not really able to deal with the volume right now. So I have been asked to make a plan for modernizing the warehouses to increase efficiency. I have been looking at some designs for Singapore mezzanine flooring and considering what the benefits would be if we added that to the existing plans. I was thinking that we could probably use a new level to house some of the things we already have, then convert the space you gained to warehouse space. In fact you could do a number of things, but you have to be sure that you design it well. It does you no good to just build a new level if you are not going to make proper use of the space. I am going to have to figure out how big of a load this will carry. I am sure that it will carry what I need, but I have to make sure of it. My thinking is that we can move the employee lounge up there. That would require running some water lines and some electricity up there, but we can manage that pretty easily. You would also need the kitchenette and the appliances that comes with it. At the moment all of that stuff is lined up side by side, so if you do that it is going to be a significant amount of weight on one segment of the floor. Of course if you have half a dozen people up there, then that is going to be roughly half a ton of weight. It has to be a sure thing that it will hold it all.

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