Seeking the Best for the Body with the Zero to hero Fitness Plan from Rob Poulos

Rob Poulos is a dietician, personal trainer, father, and public speaker. In the middle of all these very appropriate taglines, he seeks to improve one’s body and maybe even help to improve the world.

Poulos is not concerned with incredibly strict diet regimes. There is a reason so many people fail these exercises and it is because it is too demanding and it lacks a bigger picture goal. Others may argue that that is exactly what is needed, but he manages to try for a different approach. He uses a bigger picture strategy. Many people know, and perhaps choose to ignore, the fact that dieting and working out is difficult. it requires motivation which is sustained. Without it, many people fall back into old habits. this is not bad in itself, but if an individual wants to sustain a long-term workout they need to be mentally prepared as well.

Poulos founded Zero to hero Fitness in 2006, and his strategy is to work on the mental aspects of working out alongside the physical aspects. He wants people to experience natural energy highs throughout the day, and to have the body that they love and can feel comfortable in.

This is achieved through merging mental aspects with the physical. The goal is efficiency, and Poulos and his team know that preparedness and motivation are key in obtaining longevity in a health plan.

The program is an informative resource to learning about one’s own body and applying the key principles to seeing success. But another goal is to entertain. This is because an individual will give up if they are not being stimulated. this is why boring and repetitive workout regimes fail for so many people. They are incredibly boring, and the individual is not seeing the physical and visible results to justify staying on that boring treadmill another minute. The goal of is to explain and entertain. This will engage the mind and keep individuals on track to achieving a healthier body. But it is a never-ending process. There is always more, and it requires a mental focus and prowess to stay on top of one’s own health.

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